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Employment in Health Care

Studebaker Nault counsels health care providers and companies operating in the health care industry in all aspects of the employer-employee relationship.  We understand that effective personnel management is critical to minimizing the number of lawsuits an employer faces and to increasing the likelihood of success if a claim is made or a lawsuit is filed.


We assist our clients in personnel management by providing counsel on the requirements of employment laws and regulations as well as compliance standards administered by government bodies.  We also partner with clients to provide education and training to ensure those in management positions are informed to make the right decisions.

Learn more about our client Training and Education services.  


Our attorneys advise clients on the employment terms and conditions for health care providers, including physicians, dentists, pharmacists and allied health care providers.  On behalf of our clients, we structure, prepare and negotiate employment, locum tenens, and recruitment arrangements with hospitals and health systems, medical and dental groups, and ambulatory surgery centers.  We also assist with health care provider terminations and separation agreements and disputes involving restrictive covenants, including non-competition and non-solicitation restrictions.

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